NFT Addictions – Towards the World, Towards the Future

In recent years, Chinese digitization process has accelerated again, and digital art based on blockchain technology has become a new outlet for the wave of digital economy. NFT Addictions is a member standing on the tuyere. Recently, NFT Addictions said that they will gradually integrate into the global NFT market after a comprehensive upgrade, allowing […]

We World Cup Champ,the first user-owned Web3 platform

We World Cup Champ, A Secentralized World Cup gaming platform. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is about to begin, the world’s hottest sports competition has attracted the attention of more than 3 billion fans around the world, when blockchain technology and Web3 meet the World Cup, what kind of wealth story will collide? The […]

PlugChain Born for Web3.0 Designed for Metaverse

How to enter Web3.0? 2 To enter the Web3.0 world, the most critical question is where does the data come from? 2 So where does the data in the Web 3.0 world come from? 3 If the massive data of Web2.0 is distributed to Web3.0, what will happen?? 3 In this context, PlugChain was born. […]

Empowering the entire industry chain in the world, DD Token recreates the “miracle of recovery” of the digital economy

The global pandemic has almost brought the world economy into a “shutdown period” for several years. All offline real industries have been severely impacted. Even in the period of slow economic recovery after the epidemic, the world is still in a state of waiting. In such a state, industries, institutions and enterprises around the world are […]

May 1st Labor Day Series Activity II MetaHero Global Guild Incubation & Angel Project

We are proud to announce that the World Blockchain Foundation has launched an investment in MetaHero. Based on the further cooperation between the two parties, the World Blockchain Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) has decided to launch an angel program aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds Painting (hereinafter referred to as […]

The world’s largest NFT community organization–Apollo DAO

Apollo DAO will join hands with GODEX (a global NFT trading platform) to jointly create the process of NFT international industrialization. Apollo DAO is the world’s largest NFT aggregation organization. It is committed to a decentralized NFT trading platform that provides services for creators and artists around the world, and provides minting, distribution, collection, trading […]