ASAPool: a high-yield mining pool focusing on privacy coins

With the development of blockchain technology, the ZK track is gradually rising and has been valued by the market, and the importance of privacy protection has become increasingly prominent. As a result, the privacy public chain track competes with each other and shines brilliantly. Among them, Aleo, which is recognized as the leader, has earned the attention of the market with its king-level financing. Aleo is the first decentralized open source platform that supports private and programmable applications. As early as when its mainnet was not online Aleo has already received up to 200 million US dollars of investment from A16Z, Softbank, Samsung NEXT and other venture capital institutions, and now Aleo’s valuation has reached 1.4 billion US dollars. Ironfish, which is also a privacy track, also received investment from Sequoia Capital and A16z.

Famous investment institutions have driven the vigorous development of the privacy public chain track. Driven by these well-known investment institutions, the privacy public chain field has also become the focus of the market. More and more blockchain projects have begun to explore zero-knowledge technology. And launched products and services related to it. At the same time, this has attracted the attention of more and more investors and sought investment opportunities. More and more people have seen the huge potential hidden in this track and want to start quickly. a cup of soup. Therefore, ASAPool was born, which is a mining pool focusing on leading privacy public chain projects, aiming to integrate the computing power scattered in the blockchain network and share rewards among all members. In order to improve user benefits, ASAPool has made many efforts.

First of all, the ASAPool mining pool has a huge original computing power, which reduces the risk of mining failure and significantly increases the probability of obtaining block rewards, thus providing protection for user benefits. Secondly, the ASAPool team has actively participated in the development of Aleo and Ironfish from the early stage of the project, coordinated and optimized the hardware and software dedicated to the mining of these two projects, and ensured that ASAPool’s mining equipment has excellent performance and the servers are stable and reliable. In addition, in order to ensure the security of funds, ASAPool adopts multi-layer protection measures to effectively protect user assets from infringement.

As we all know, mining has a very high threshold for individual players. With the entry of major institutions and the sharp increase in computing power, it is becoming more and more difficult for individuals to obtain block rewards through single-device mining, and they have to bear various legal risks. Therefore, choosing a stable and reliable mining pool is the best way for ordinary people to participate in mining. At present, privacy projects are highly competitive, with both opportunities and challenges, but generally speaking, they are still in the initial stage of development. If you want to get a share, you may wish to join ASAPool, a high-yield mining pool that focuses on privacy projects, and share the dividends of industry development. Create your own path to wealth.

Official website: https://asapool.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASAPoolOfficial

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