WEMADE Realizes the Dream Linkage Between the Metaverse and the Game

Facebook is one of the most aggressive, “All In” to the metaverse and investing heavily in it. Nvidia is hoping to become the infrastructure builder of the meta-universe. Microsoft wants to take the metaverse with a combination of software and hardware. Wemade, the world’s leading game developer, has not been left behind in the metaverse track. Wemade is ready to build the metaverse ecology from the game, social and other fields in all levels of metaverse technology and planning.

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WEMADE, as one of the world’s leading game developers and operators, has researched and discovered the infinite possibilities of the metaverse future market as early as 2020! WEMADE will cooperate with a number of virtual digital technology companies and the industry’s leading technology AR/VR/MR/XR companies in the future to develop digital games, virtual reality combination and other technologies and application scenarios based on the content IP domain creation.

In the Wemade metaverse world, players will be able to redeem items from relevant merchants through Play-to-Earn and then come to the real world for consumption. It not only helps merchants reduce the cost expenditure of all kinds of advertisements and high rent in downtown areas and effectively bring offline traffic, but also allows off-chain confirmation of players’ on-chain assets, so that blockchain and the real economy can be better combined.



Let the real economy embrace the Wemade metaverse and establish a stable metaverse ecological business model, and the Amusement Universe metaverse will surely become the first choice for digital applications in the real society in the future.