Social investment, will it be the new social direction of Web3?

Web3 Social VS Traditional Social 1、Features of Web3 Social Social products in the Web3 era are fundamentally different from traditional social products. The two most fundamental differences between them are whether they are on the blockchain or not and the belonging of the ownership economy. In traditional social products, all social behaviors are carried out […]

PlugChain Born for Web3.0 Designed for Metaverse

How to enter Web3.0? 2 To enter the Web3.0 world, the most critical question is where does the data come from? 2 So where does the data in the Web 3.0 world come from? 3 If the massive data of Web2.0 is distributed to Web3.0, what will happen?? 3 In this context, PlugChain was born. […]

Thanks to the improvement and opening of digital currency market regulation in recent years, digital currency and NFT platforms have become a new era of development opportunities.

In 2022, Web3 is sweeping the global venture capital circle: In March, Microsoft participated in the investment in the Ethereum ecological development company ConsenSys, which sounded the clarion call to enter Web3; Tencent targeted the Web3 track for the first time, announcing its participation in a US$200 million investment in Immutable, an Australian NFT game […]

Torah’s Title Contributes to the Successful Conclusion of “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit

On August 23, 2022, sponsored by Web3 Infrastructure Technology Federation, named by Torah, co-hosted by Chinese Information Network, Torah Chinese Language Hall, and Evangelistic Finance, MO Capital (US), SparkLabs, Distributed Fog Database, ChatPay, Foggy Swap , MetaHero, MetaPlayer, Meta X strategic support, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China National People’s Association Distributed Storage […]

AMA of ApeParkDAO (Round 2)

AMA of ApeParkDAO (Round 2) Bycryptocnn  AUG 21, 2022  ama, apeparkdao, round Topic: Redefining the savings incentive model, can ApeParkDAO become a Web3 financial leader? Q1: For the first question of the AMA, let’s start by asking you to introduce ApeParkDAO to the new listeners of this AMA. ApeParkDAO is a Web 3 Savings Token Appreciation Protocol initiated […]

Decentralized society:Finding Web3’s Soul

How do SBTs encode trust networks in the real economy to build source and reputation in decentralized mechanisms and in new markets with decomposable shared rights? How can the DeFi ecosystem break through the shackles of unsecured loans or simple contracts such as apartment rentals in today's WEB3 through “interpersonal relationships?” What are the opportunities […]

The potential Web3.0 NFT Project

Unicorns is a web 3.0 NFT+Defi+DAO-Powered Social Platform Built on Binance Chain.The purpose of the project is to create an open and win-win social trading platform.You can get maximize nft revenue in our Dapp.Later,we will cooperate with major trading web,You can also transfer to the three-party nft trading web through our Dapp link,After the transaction […]