The decentralized trading platform TTSSwap officially launched the T chain at 15:00 on June 5th

Official announcement: TTSSwap, the decentralized trading platform that pioneered the “one coin, one price” trading mechanism, officially launched the TTS public chain – T Chain at 15:00 on June 5th. T Chain is a public chain for commercial applications with cross-chain attributes that the TTSSwap decentralized exchange has developed since the beginning of its implementation, […]

Significant positive | ttsswap decentralized exchange has officially passed the audit of CK, an American authority

According to the official news of decentralized exchange ttsswap, the decentralized exchange of ttsswap officially passed the audit of CK, an American authority, on the evening of February 21, 2022, and officially received the audit report of certik on February 22, 2022, confirming that there are no contract loopholes and 100% security. Ttsswap will focus […]