JPEX launches VISA debit cards on time, and expects to issue physical cards in the fourth quarter

Although cryptocurrencies are an asset with high volatility, investors still regard them as good investment products, especially with the number of cryptocurrencies climbing, more and more traditional investors start to set forth in cryptocurrency areas, and furtherly prompt the healthy development. Regarding the market cap, the total market cap of cryptocurrency just reaches trillions of […]

Help, how will NTS build a “new concept” of traditional business model?

From product economy to channel business, and then from e-commerce economy to flow commerce, the traditional business model has gone through four periods of development.Traditional commodity trading mode and consumption mode are also gradually changing.However, as the market gradually saturated, the traditional business model began a large-scale internal volume and unfair competition.This kind of behavior […]

The King : Embrace change and become change

The new round of scientific and technological revolution is accelerating, and financial technology is booming, providing a source of continuous impetus for the transformation and upgrading of financial industry.Relying on the application of big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies in the financial field, traditional financial enterprises are facing the change of optimizing operation […]