Silicoin will carry out deflation to the end and cooperate with Staking to make the ecology longer

Many people wonder why Silicoin's staking mechanism seems to increase farming costs, but it is loved by the majority of farmers. First of all, the staking mechanism can help small and medium-sized farmers in a fair environment, through the investment of time and funds, obtain benefits, and contribute to the network. In addition, staking can encourage […]

Chia has no rivals, the strongest dual-digging tool Silicoin helps you speed up your return

There is no complete competitor to the Silicoin project. Other Chia Fork project such as Flax and Spare are simply copies of Chia's projects, and there are no other innovations and features. As the Chia Fork project with the highest mining revenue, the largest user base, the widest international consensus, and the strongest innovation capabilities, […]

Silicoin fairness and justice are guaranteed by these mechanisms

Proof-of-Balance automatically adjusts the difficulty of mining by staking, avoids over-centralization of computing power, and greatly increases the cost of double-spending attacks (the attacker must have both enough plots and funds), and finally achieves the workload and capital, the balance between giants and retail investors, interests and contributions,realizing a more complete, stable, long-term and safe […]

The mainnet has been launched, let’s see how Silicoin builds a perfect economic model

The Silicoin mainnet has been successfully launched. This is a fair and innovative mining network that balances PoW and PoS. Everyone can earn SIT tokens through contributions. Given Silicoin's decentralization and community, most of the total amount of SIT will be generated by continuous mining activities and distributed to community participants who maintain the system's […]