BnbFineX exchange will be integrated directly into Binance US, with a new upgrade!

Binance Labs has invested in the BnbFineX exchange, which is still under regulation and is currently undergoing a BSC network upgrade, with server nodes loaded with Key and inaccessible for some periods! The BnbFineX exchange will be merged directly into Binance US on January 1st 2022, with a newly upgraded trading interface, main new coin […]

The Outbreak of BitCherry Distributed Eco Booming, Leading the Global Public Blockchain Competition

BitCherry, the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology to serve distributed commerce. BitCherry, as a distributed commercial public blockchain project, is committed to building an IPv8 blockchain infrastructure that can serve all types of businesses. The hashgraph improved by relational graphs can achieve highly scalable data architecture. It provides operation mechanisms such […]