Brand reputation building? Discussion of achieving value soar on the MetaTrads platform

MetaTrads is an emerging dark horse in the NFT trading platform. With the improvement of MetaTrads’ popularity, MetaTrads’ ecosystem has achieved sound development, and the building of MetaTrads’ platform reputation has been put on the agenda. The MetaTrads team has a lot to say about how MetaTrads builds its reputation.   First, adhere to the […]

Permission to unclose the marketing research report of MetaTrads by BRONX FUND

Recently, MetaTrads have been coming onto the scene. What exactly is it in the blockchain industry’s metaverse? Why is it so quick to catch everyone’s attention? While doing our research, we found out that BRONX had done a very detailed marketing research report. With authorization from BRONX, we are pleased to share with you the marketing research […]