From The bottom to The Application, F.DAO Metaverse Decision Service Platform Will be Officially Launched on April 14

Meta Finance DAO platform (F.DAO for short), a DAO protocol decision-making service platform jointly sponsored by BSC’s bottom public blockchain technology studio, ETH Layer 2 governance community, and covering Microsoft, Google VR engine development service providers in traditional industries, A16Z and Blackstone Capital’s fund institutions, will be officially launched on April 14. F.DAO is a […]

What is Meta Resident?

Meta Resident is a DAO protocol based on Binance Smart Chain, a new organizational form of operating system. The contract is open sourced on GitHub and audited by CertiK. “Meta” Resident Dao aims to rebuild community trust and security. Based on the strong consensus of 10,000 times gene, it spontaneously generates a collaborative organization of […]

MascotRare will become the dark horse of the metaverse industry

Since Facebook changed its name to Metaverse last year, all major companies have joined the metaverse track, and many metaverse-related companies have gotten a lot of financing, and the total market value of metaverse-related crypto assets is currently $25.529 billion. MascotRare is a project in the meta-universe that has recently come online. After much investigation, […]

In the name of DAO, it promotes the landing of the Metaverse, and Meta Resident achieves the community with value!

More than 2,000 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from thinkers; more than 300 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from scientists; today, the cognition that subverted the world is most likely to be generated by blockchain practitioners; It is very likely that cognition occurs in algorithms, not humans. […]

Meta Worlds token pre-sale set sail

Everyone will know about it when it’ll arrive. Obviously team will do something for that.There is heavy news to inform you that Meta Worlds has completed the investment of institutional investors. Metaworld is now distributing benefits for whitelist and group users. You can go to the Telegram group to get ILO pre-sale benefits. This news […]