New opportunity in the prediction market track: Moonquiz launches first ecological prediction application based on FIFA World Cup

The prediction of future events has always been of greater significance, whether it is the prediction of weather, geological disasters, or the prediction of financial markets, event trends, etc., which are expected to allow individuals and organizations to hedge against potential risks and maximize their returns. Looking at Web3 field, it’s easily seen that the […]

Hash Game: Creating Greater Value Integration Between Blockchain Games and Decentralized Finance

Blockchain games, which are categorized under GameFi, are an essential part of the entire crypto ecosystem and one of the hottest development projects at the moment. According to My Token’s data, hundreds of blockchain game projects currently appear in the GameFi category, with a total market value of around 14 billion USD (more than 100 […]

Matic Alliance is committed to building an aggregated public platform for Swap+NFT

Matic Alliance is a new financial protocol built on Matic Network, which provides support for Matic’s ecological prosperity and is committed to creating an aggregated public platform that integrates Swap+NFT. Matic Alliance was initiated and created by the Matic Chinese community and is dedicated to enriching the Matic on-chain ecosystem. Since many people in the […]

A light to break the bear market, BDD is here!

The crypto market has been in a bear market for a long time, and the market lacks bright spots.BDD brings good news! Talented programmers from Silicon Valley in the United States have developed a new win-win model, which is BDD!There are many BDD Chinese homophonic coins, and the mechanism is reasonable and scientific, which can […]

Solve the NFT liquidity problem to interpret the value capture road of MetEast

With the popularity of the crypto market, the market focus is no longer limited to the top mainstream currencies, but is gradually spreading to the emerging cryptocurrencies and networks – a more eye-catching and imaginative space. At the same time, for these new types of cryptocurrencies or digital assets, market acceptance is becoming greater and […]