Infinite Space global community is about to launch

Infinite space global station, jointly initiated by the Wiggle Foundation and the PCG DAO organization, aims to create an NFT empowerment platform, integrating the whole ecology into DIFI, Gamefi, Sociafi, DAO, NFtSwap and other application scenarios, using cutting-edge innovative business models And procedural content generation technology, which truly empowers NFT creators and publishers. At present, […]

AlphaSwap Parnter Global LP seat signing ceremony was successfully held in dubai

On May 21, AlphaSwap Parnter global LP seat signing ceremony took place in dubai. Alpha Group executives, representatives of LP in eastern Europe, India, Africa and Russia, representatives of the quantified cooperation agency attended and witnessed this historic moment. AlphaSwap is a platform for cross-chain polymerization transactions created by Alpha Group, covering all ecological fields […]

CASA facilitates the trading of global ‘carbon assets’

Global environmental problems, also known as international environmental problems or global environmental problems, are global problems of environmental pollution and ecological balance that transcend the borders and jurisdictions of sovereign states. It means, firstly, that some environmental problems are widespread on the planet. The environmental problems of different countries and regions are universal and common […]

GODLUCKY global co-governance mechanism officially opened for pre-order

At 9:00 on November 4, 2021 (North American time), in order to further promote the global user governance mechanism, GODLUCKY EXCHANGE officially opened (Freedom NFTs, Wisdom NFTs) pre-order procedures.   GODLUCKY EXCHANGE, born in New York, the first financial city in North America, is a rich meta-universe ecological aggregator and a decentralized trading platform integrating […]

“GODLUCKY Global Foundation Partner” officially launched in the Asia-Pacific region Chinese communit

At 21:00 on October 31, 2021 (Beijing time), GODLUCKY EXCHANGE, which was born in New York, the first financial city in North America, officially pressed the Asia Pacific region subscription start button for partners of the Global Foundation. Global Foundation partners will have an exclusive collection of NFTs, exclusive 200,000 platform GOD rewards, and the […]