Hash Game: Creating Greater Value Integration Between Blockchain Games and Decentralized Finance

Blockchain games, which are categorized under GameFi, are an essential part of the entire crypto ecosystem and one of the hottest development projects at the moment. According to My Token’s data, hundreds of blockchain game projects currently appear in the GameFi category, with a total market value of around 14 billion USD (more than 100 […]

What is the answer of Binance WODL?

To celebrate Binance’s 5th anniversary, and to add freshness to the world of cryptocurrencies, Binance News recently launched a WODL word guessing game (Binance Word Puzzle Event), which involves guessing the difference between cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain-related English words can earn cryptocurrency rewards. All registered users of Binance can participate in this game, and as […]

New benchmark for GameFi! The Metaverse racing game SUPER FOR SPEED will be launched soon!

According to SFS community news, the RAC GameFi SUPER FOR SPEED, developed by Electronic Arts "Need for Speed" company, jointly invested by A16Z, YGG and BlackRock Capital, and ported from traditional PS4 and X360 platforms, is scheduled to go online shortly. SUPER FOR SPEED's original gameplay, embedded Play-to-Earn 2.0 financial model, adheres to the principle […]

P2E.Game, the One-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, has launched SocialFi Feature

P2E.Game, the One-stop GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform, creates a Web.3.0 portal that combines SocialFi, GameFi, and NFT.Gamers on P2E.Game can achieve an on-chain independent creator economy through SocialFi tool and use the fan economy effect to build their influence, where fans are connected to creators and both share rewards for content creation. Recently, P2E.Game has announced the […]

[Mario Battle] Create deep value coupling between traditional game industry and decentralized finance

When traditional games meet the metaverse, the traditional “Free to Play” has gradually evolved into the “Play to Earn” mode of the chain game world. This has also brought about tremendous changes in the entire game industry. Countless traditional game developers have set foot in the virtual world, hoping to gain first-mover advantage and absolute leadership […]

When DAO Consensus Meets Chain Games - The Next Consensus Innovation of EGGDAO

With the development of blockchain technology in recent years and the upgrading of the Internet gradually becoming a reality (Web 3.0), a form of organizational collaboration that is more suitable for modern and even future - DAO, appears in front of us. DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), that is, a decentralized autonomous organization, is a digital world organization […]