Supra Network is about to go live, and X Force Foundation will continue to support its development

Updated: 2 days ago In 2018, Supra founded Entropy Foundation with the goal of expanding the capabilities of smart contracts and oracles. Their academic mindset forms the bedrock of our organization—and that means they are committed to deep research and a rigorous academic process. From the whiteboard to the keyboard, they have brought together the […]

May 1st Labor Day Series Activity II MetaHero Global Guild Incubation & Angel Project

We are proud to announce that the World Blockchain Foundation has launched an investment in MetaHero. Based on the further cooperation between the two parties, the World Blockchain Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) has decided to launch an angel program aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds Painting (hereinafter referred to as […]

BINANCE raises $50 million from FINEX, acquires 18% of its shares, and co-founded the BFC Charitable Foundation

The FINEX Foundation and Binance reached a strategic cooperation. Binance raised $50 million to obtain an 18% stake in the FINEX exchange. The two parties released CASA smart contracts on the Binance public chain and signed a CASA listing cooperation agreement on the Binance Exchange. Christy Hyungwon Choi, Director of Binance Labs, will serve as […]

“The same world” DC (courier) China core miners meeting was held successfully in Shenzhen

On March 24, the “one world” DC China core miner conference was held in Shenzhen. Jenny, director of DC foundation, said in her speech that the foundation is committed to the development, construction and governance of DC chain. Starting from the sustainability of autonomous community projects, the effectiveness of management and the safety of fund-raising, […]

KIMBERLY TRAN, founder of MARTIAN Foundation, builds a blockchain technology team

The MARTIAN Foundation sees the potential of blockchain with a very forward-looking and globalized long-term perspective. It believes that blockchain has the most potential to trigger the fifth round of subversive revolution after steam engine, electricity, information and Internet technology. The core technology of Inspur. Based on this, in December 2013, the Martin Foundation formally […]