PPC — a proud team from the new world of web3

The full name of DeFi is Decentralized Finance, also known as open finance. The main goal of DeFi is to build a banking and monetary system without permission. Everyone can conduct financial activities anytime and anywhere, which is considered by many experts as a “new financial revolution”. At the same time, “meta universe” has undoubtedly […]

DOMINO opens a new era of decentralized aggregation ecosystem

In traditional finance, if users want to obtain related services, they must go through financial institutions and accept a series of complex terms and procedures. Financial institutions have a huge impact on users’ trading qualifications and trading needs. With the rise of digital technologies such as blockchain, the emergence of DeFi has made financial services […]

SWP Get Rich Plan – Bringing Unique DeFi3.0, Bringing Value Change in Digital Finance

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has been regarded as the prototype of the future economic model by various industries and fields. The rise of the concept of DeFi in 2016 officially established the definition of decentralized finance. Move traditional financial products to the blockchain in order to form an encrypted financial ecosystem based on […]

How to become a millionaire through cryptocurrency?

In 2021, liquidity mining became the hottest topic in the crypto circle. The ultra-high income of liquidity mining made people crazy, and countless people became millionaires through cryptocurrency. Now let’s understand what is defi’s liquidity mining? The full name of defi is decentralized finance, that is, decentralized finance or distributed finance. They are products running […]

What is the hottest blockchain application today?Sure, the Mettaverse, DEFI, and NFT.

Digital identity: the synchronization and fidelity of NFT as a metaverse The metacogological properties of NFT art and trading mechanisms and the prototype of the game world are important reasons why NFT makes the public feel “fun” and charming today.Video game space is a virtual world based on simulation, extension and imagination of reality, from […]