Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch ceremoniously

By Meta Media November 8, 2022 . Author:Jason According to reliable sources, Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch on a grand scale. Bayesian is a global Artificial Intelligence(AI) super computing platform based on Bayesian decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP). It regards AI + blockchain + distributed storage as the architecture core, serving […]

AI + Blockchain” SP4C3 Realizes Decentralized AI Computing Power Distribution in The World of Web3.0

With the advent of the era of Web3.0, the whole Internet technology will be upgraded again, and the demand for AI computing power will also grow in a blowout manner. With the development of blockchain industry, decentralized and centralized cloud computing and storage will gradually coexist. At the same time, with the development of 5G, […]

UTG: The all-encompassing cyberspace that straddles traditional and digital boundaries

In the past ten years, the centralized cloud computing model has become a standard IT service platform. Although cloud computing is now a common application, with the emerging computing models and demands, the existing cloud computing models also begin to expose its shortcomings. For a long time, people are accustomed to storing resources in centralized data […]

PlatON Launches Global Sites in Korea and Indonesia with First Success

On March 1, Platon officially launched its global site plan, initially opening Korea and Indonesia sites.Since last month, PlatON Korea and PlatON Indonesia sites have been reaching out to the local market and holding various events accordingly, gaining the support of many local users.The two sites currently have 30,000 and 40,000 Twitter followers, respectively, and […]

The first decentralized fog computing platform–SPF testnet will be launched soon

The SPF decentralized fog computing platform, which is coordinated by the fog computing network and the blockchain system, aims to establish a network that can connect any device with computing power in the world, and anyone can contribute or use what it needs Computing power. As the current cutting-edge network technology, fog computing will become […]