Analysis of the dark horse public chain BFChain how to seize the beach Web3 ecological development

With the development of block chain technology and the popularity of W eb3 application, high performance, can support more extension function of public chain competition become an inevitable trend, but in the process of development, there are still a lot of technology and ground challenge, especially in the face of high fees, across the chain, […]

The latest announcement about Digital Circulation

DC global users: Digital Circulation completed the development of parallel public chain docking ports on September 16, 2022. After more than a month of screening and review, the first parallel public chain, traceability source chain (SYC), was selected on the best, and has been docked simultaneously. Applications for free access to 9 parallel public links […]

Application for Announcement on Digital Circulation Free Access to the First Parallel Public Chain

Digital Circulation blockchain network, which has been developed for four years, has now completed the docking port of parallel public chains. The first parallel public chain free access application and collection are now open to users around the world.   Application link: English version: Chinese version: Email for receiving applications:   DC […]

The decentralized trading platform TTSSwap officially launched the T chain at 15:00 on June 5th

Official announcement: TTSSwap, the decentralized trading platform that pioneered the “one coin, one price” trading mechanism, officially launched the TTS public chain – T Chain at 15:00 on June 5th. T Chain is a public chain for commercial applications with cross-chain attributes that the TTSSwap decentralized exchange has developed since the beginning of its implementation, […]

When DAO Consensus Meets Chain Games - The Next Consensus Innovation of EGGDAO

With the development of blockchain technology in recent years and the upgrading of the Internet gradually becoming a reality (Web 3.0), a form of organizational collaboration that is more suitable for modern and even future - DAO, appears in front of us. DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), that is, a decentralized autonomous organization, is a digital world organization […]

How to bring digital transformation to the healthcare industry? UMN united medical chain to create a new model of diversified medical care

When we talk about medical care, we may think of high medical bills, expensive drugs, long appointment cycles, and a constant shortage of treatment beds. And this phenomenon exists in most countries, making the medical industry an important measure of people’s living standards. In our survey, public hospitals in various countries are basically in a […]