Winners Announced for the“Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022”

—ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” was successfully held On January 17, 2023, the “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022 ” hosted by Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) was successfully held. ABGA “Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022” is one of the most comprehensive awards event hosted by ABGA. It aims to build a highly professional influence […]

An A-Z of blockchain and crypto jargon

Since the blockchain is a very new industry, most of the materials are in English. Therefore, for beginners, or friends who are not very good at English, it is difficult to find accurate professional vocabulary translations and definitions. Here is an A-Z of blockchain and crypto jargon to assist you catch the updated and accurate […]

Hash Game: Creating Greater Value Integration Between Blockchain Games and Decentralized Finance

Blockchain games, which are categorized under GameFi, are an essential part of the entire crypto ecosystem and one of the hottest development projects at the moment. According to My Token’s data, hundreds of blockchain game projects currently appear in the GameFi category, with a total market value of around 14 billion USD (more than 100 […]

FTA1 rocked the world, officially launching at 14:15 Vietnam time on 31st October

FTA1 creates an open, fair, traceable, transparent and credible decentralised aggregation ecosystem through cross-generation blockchain technology. With the concept of trading as dividends and trading as mining to create an innovative coin exchange, subverting DEFI and reshaping the WEB 3.0 financial ecology! FTA1 has a total issue of 300 million pieces, permission to discard and […]

The world’s first real investment DAO and social DAO

In the investment industry, retail investors are always on the weak and harvested side.Is there any method to change the weakness of individual investors so that they could fight against even exceed institutions? It would be so hard, basically impossible, in other industries; however, we could make it in the blockchain industry. In the blockchain […]

SEIDD is a Turing-complete blockchain underlying protocol

Seidd public chain has started global registration and promotion on July 31, 2022. Seidd makes trust easier. Seidd is a customizable and Turing complete underlying basic agreement of blockchain. Seidd is composed of micro kernel and functional modules. Through the stripping of events and services, it realizes a highly modular underlying architecture, provides operating mechanisms […]

Qicai Community focuses on blockchain one-stop service

Founded in February 2021, Qicai Community is a one-stop service community focusing on blockchain, which was founded by a group of digital asset enthusiasts led by Ringer, a big cousin. It is committed to building a world-class blockchain service platform, focusing on the operation, construction, and development of blockchain in China and overseas markets. Its […]

What does 0x90 means?

0x is the starting address of the public chain, which stands for the blockchain industry. 90 in the 0x90 is the label for the age of the company team, which is an international blockchain incubator company founded by the team 90s with many years of experience. That’s where 0x90 comes from. Since 2017, the 0x90 […]