AOFEX Rolls out “OT Airdrop Program” and Gives away 120,000 OT at Phase 1

AOFEX will launch its “OT Airdrop Program” at 15:00, November 4, 2021, which is designed to build closer connection with users, enable all OT holders to enjoy blockchain value, explore more application scenarios, contribute to the development of blockchain industry, and realize mutual benefits. In “OT Airdrop Program” Phase 1 AOFEX will give away 120,000 […]

AOFEX Globalization: India Branch Established to Develop South Asia Marke

Since the implementation of globalization, AOFEX has established branches in Canada and Japan and received excellent outstanding results in local and surrounding regions, thus building a multi-region crypto market system including the West Europe, North America, East Asia along with the Headquarter in the United Kingdom. On October 15, 2021, AOFEX officially launches its India […]

AOFEX Establishes Its Canada Branch Officially to Accelerate Globalization

Recently, the global cryptocurrency market is going up and the trading volume soaring, with the market cap hitting $2 trillion. All metrics indicate that a bullish market is coming. Undoubtedly, digital assets are essential to the global economy. To globalize the secure and global digital assets, improve AOFEX’s influence, and provide better services for users, […]