Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch ceremoniously

By Meta Media November 8, 2022 . Author:Jason According to reliable sources, Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch on a grand scale. Bayesian is a global Artificial Intelligence(AI) super computing platform based on Bayesian decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP). It regards AI + blockchain + distributed storage as the architecture core, serving […]

How to bring digital transformation to the healthcare industry? UMN united medical chain to create a new model of diversified medical care

When we talk about medical care, we may think of high medical bills, expensive drugs, long appointment cycles, and a constant shortage of treatment beds. And this phenomenon exists in most countries, making the medical industry an important measure of people’s living standards. In our survey, public hospitals in various countries are basically in a […]

A group is rising in the blockchain industry: HyperLedger Group

The HyperLedger Group without a great team to be supported, cannot rise. Under the umbrella of HyperLedger Group, X-Force focuses on investments, and Apis News focuses on Token Services. And for the solid support and the backbone in HyperLedger Group, there is also a 0x90 Team focusing on blockchain project operation and consulting, and a well-known marketing team Blockchain Cheese and GrandBit is a professional […]

AI + Blockchain” SP4C3 Realizes Decentralized AI Computing Power Distribution in The World of Web3.0

With the advent of the era of Web3.0, the whole Internet technology will be upgraded again, and the demand for AI computing power will also grow in a blowout manner. With the development of blockchain industry, decentralized and centralized cloud computing and storage will gradually coexist. At the same time, with the development of 5G, […]